The Principal Values of Blue Light London Ltd are:

  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Understanding

This ethos is promoted and nurtured throughout our workforce, empowering staff to want to achieve the very best for our clients by building meaningful relationships, by understanding our clients’ needs and business expectations we become an indispensable part of the team.  They rely on us – we rely on them and everyone benefits.

Our Values

To do the simple things best

At Blue Light London Ltd we like to keep things simple as we have learned and experienced over many years that the simple approach when done properly is key to our clients expectations and needs and by meeting these needs our clients expectations are met and usually exceeded, our “Simple Philosophy” as easy as it sounds is as follows

  • Answering the phone promptly
  • Returning calls promptly
  • keeping appointments
  • Keeping your Premises Clean & Tidy
  • Only using Experienced & Qualified Tradesmen

Again, sounds simple but how many times have you called a tradesmen for them not to arrive, in over 20 years of working in this sector we have come into contact with hundreds of sub contractors and tradesmen, only a small number of trusted/professional tradesmen remain on our books, this tells you  its own story

A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence.

At Blue Light London Ltd we love a challenge, and as such we endeavour to find innovative and custom made solutions to your problems, we strive to find the best designs for your needs on any given project, on many occasions our clients have contacted us to say that “contractor A” has said that the design or the plan that is required is not possible, working with our architects and surveyors a new plan has been formulated and our clients project and wishes were completed

We believe in constantly re-training our staff so that we are up to date with the latest Techniques & Materials that are available to the market

Religious & Cultural Awareness

At Blue Light London Ltd we have been working in one of the most diversely cultural areas in the world with many different races and religions, we have had situations in the past where our clients religious holidays etc coincide with ongoing works, one recent project for a client who is Jewish required us not to work on a Friday as he was preparing for the Sabbath, on another occasion our client requested lady only decorators as in his culture men from outside the family were not permitted to be with his wife and sisters while he was at work, our clients religious and cultural needs are always respected by all of our staff